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It's the people and not the equipment that make our productions happen. The "Friends with Honor" series highlights our collaborators that are doing amazing things outside of the film industry. This is a community building project to highlight some of our own


with: Blake Berlin, Brendan A. Bradley, Aaron Braxton, Devin Brooke, Jessica Brown, Rainz Cash, Christine Celozzi, Christopher James Cramer, Jeff Howard, Bex-Taylor Klaus, Jordan Letson, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Andrea Nelson, Kylie Sparks, Daren Taylor, and Miranda Vier

#FriendsWithHonor is usually focused around work outside of the film industry. However, during the SAG/AFTRA and WGA 2023 strikes we took some time to sit down with a few members to listen to their stories, and listen to their hopes and fears for the future. The conversations were so remarkable that we cut them into 8 videos, spanning an hour of discussion dissecting the strikes.


Ariel Barber Photography

This #FriendsWithHonor focuses on Ariel Barber's incredible eye for sweeping landscapes and ethereal imagery. Ariel has been a collaborator for nearly a decade both in front and behind the camera; Honor productions wouldn't be the same without her.

Jason Bolinger

Classical Guitar

#FriendsWithHonor focusing on the musical journey of Jason Bolinger's classical guitar youtube channel. Jason joined the Honor team in 2019 as a camera operator on "The Seance"

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