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Short Projects

A selection of completed short projects

Another Go | AGBO No sleep til' Film Fest Honorable Mention | 2021

Made as part of AGBO's No Sleep til' Film Festival in April 2021. 700 films submitted and Another Go was one of ten to receive an honorable mention. Featuring Ariel Barber and Devin Brooke

Best to Share | 2020

Made on whim, Best to Share was just intended to be a spooky Halloween treat for our friends. Now Best to Share is being developed into a full feature.

Happy Valentine's Day | Watch a Horror Short 2021

Promotion for Valentine's day, Now go watch a horror film.

However Long It Takes | 2020

A timecapsule project focusing on the first 90 days of the pandemic.

Absence of Evidence | Film Race Grand Prix | 2017 Finalist

Absence of Evidence was a finalist in the Film Racing Grand Prix 2017, a 100 hour film race. Criteria must have included the theme "mystery," the prop "a medal" and the action of washing. Actress Andrea Nelson won "best actress"

The Cost | Film Race Grand Prix | 2016 Finalist

The Cost was a finalist in the Film Racing Grand Prix 2016, a 100 hour film race.

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