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The Monster Trilogy

An Investment Opportunity

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Written by: Christopher James Cramer



Where does power come from  


​After a community is devastated by a supernatural tragedy, Carine develops abilities and blurs the lines of morality as she struggles with doing unconscionable things to put back together the lives of her friends; all while trying to combat the supernatural force that’s destroying their lives.​



The Tar-Demon, an ancient supernatural entity lives in a world without light, and as such he is jealous of all that have it. Periodically, he can possess someone in our world and when he does, he goes on a vengeful rampage, believing that the pain and death he causes is deserved.   

One of his chaotic campaigns tears through a group of friends while they are partying in the woods. Our story starts with this rampage and focuses primarily on the aftermath of such destruction, as these friends deal with the loss of loved ones, the loss of their sense of reality and truth, all while one of them discovers they have channeled the powers of the Tar-Demon.   

The primary group of friends that we follow consists of Kelsey, Topher and Carine. In the Tar-Demon’s attack, Leo, the love of Kelsey’s life is murdered in front of her and she is unable to let go of his memory. As months pass, the world returns to normal, but Kelsey goes deeper and deeper down her rabbit hole, becoming angry at the world for moving on from what happened, shutting herself out from her friends.  
Topher, the jokester of the group tries to step up to carry some of the weight of those fallen. He tries to become the moral compass of the group and support those hurt the worst. Even though he has the best intentions, his advice doesn’t always lead to prosperous outcomes.   

Carine was the one that finally put an end to the Tar-Demon’s spree and walk amongst humankind. Through fate or dumb luck, she killed the Tar-Demon’s host body in the woods. Now, she begins to channel his power. Slowly at first she begins to move objects with her mind and eventually control the wills of others. Her powers come with grave consequences though as her moral compass isn’t always pointed true north, and she is the Tar-Demon’s next host in our world.  

In the final act, the tar-demon takes over Carine, banishing her to his dark-realm. She is forced to either watch as the Tar-Demon kills all of her friends and possibly much worse… or she must possess someone herself to fight the Tar-Demon. Knowing that Carine chooses to come after him, the Tar-Demon manipulates Kelsey and Topher in an attempt to destroy Carine.   

This story concentrates on the moral dilemma that sometimes to do something right, you have to do something wrong. That even great people can do something bad if they believe at the time it’s the right answer. It’s our attempt to show, in an entertaining fashion that we as people are gray, that everything in our world isn’t black and white.  


Written by: R.J. Buckley



Where vengeance and forgiveness lay to rest.



​Racked with guilt over his part in a hate crime 15 years ago, Thomas, a reformed neo-nazi, is given a chance to make amends when the murdered teen’s mother, Rebecca, asks him to help track down and kill the other white supremacists responsible for her son’s death


Fifteen years ago five teenage skinheads murdered one of their black classmates. Now, on the eve of the crew’s ringleader being paroled from prison, the deceased teen’s mother decides it’s time for revenge.

We open on the anniversary of the teen’s death. In the ensuing years, one of the skinheads, Thomas, has found himself wracked with guilt over his part in the hate crime. Though he did leave the assault prior to the teens beating Aaron – the victim – to death, Thomas still feels the burden of the part that he played in the murder. He longs for his own death. After his long suffering mother passes away, Thomas is finally unburdened and plans to drown himself fifteen years to the day after Aaron’s death. Thomas’ final act is to send an apology email to Aaron’s mother, Rebecca. He then attaches some weights to his legs, heads down to the lake, and—  


Rebecca shows up just as Thomas is to go through with it.  

He’s baffled. Why the hell is she here? Rebecca informs Thomas that every one of his former neo-Nazi friends has previously been paroled with the exception of the group’s ringleader, William, who is being granted parole that very week thanks to a revision of the state’s juvenile sentencing laws. Rebecca challenges Thomas: if he truly wants forgiveness for what he was a party to, he will help her kidnap his former compatriots, bring them back to his cabin, and murder them all in front of William.  

Though he at first resists, the possibility of forgiveness is just too enticing to pass up. Together, the penitent skinhead and the vengeful mother track down Aaron’s four murderers one by one in a bid for justice and revenge.  

They start with the guys who never left town, Benjamin and Jacob. Ben still tends a local bar and recruits white folk to the newly rebranded American Alt-Right. Jacob is less concerned with recruitment in his adulthood and more preoccupied with providing for his family, getting drunk, and shootin’ the shit with Benjamin as much as possible.  

Next on the list is Luther who proves to be a bit more complicated. Luther became a born again Christian while in prison and now serves as the Deacon at a nearby mostly black church. Does a reformed murderer still need to pay for past sins?  

And finally, Thomas and Rebecca track down William. After spending fifteen years percolating with the Aryan Brotherhood in state prison, William’s descent into hatred and violence has matured to create an all out neo-Nazi psychopath. And he’s about to return to the free world.  

Are a thirty-year-old grocery store mop-jockey and a fifty-five year old nurse enough to stand up to that? Can more violence actually satisfy Rebecca’s pain? Will a mother’s forgiveness truly bring peace to a man who longs so thoroughly for his own death? To find out we need to take a trip down into The Barrows. 


Written by: Ariel Barber 


If I were you, I wouldn’t listen to me.  



​When an overly apologetic Maeve unwittingly harnesses an ancient deity power of chaos and war, she gains a power where through simple suggestion she starts a chain reaction of destruction and violence that she appears powerless to stop.




Maeve​ doesn’t like to take up space, to inconvenience others with her presence. Like many young women she works very hard to be likeable and inoffensive. However, her supervisor Donna doesn’t need a reason to hate her, the fact that Maeve is fifteen years younger and can joke with the guys at the office is enough. But as Donna’s abuse reaches new heights even Maeve is at a loss for what to do. Unluckily her mild manners make Maeve the perfect target for a mythic feminine power - the power behind war, physical and psychological, a destructive force hell bent on having things her way: The Morrigan.  


The Morrigan is initially a parasitic presence in Maeve’s life, the first symptom; Maeve’s left eye turns green overnight. While Maeve is frightened she continues on with her life, but something is different, people start listening to her suggestions and advice, no matter how wild it may be. Not until Mark, Maeve’s sweet and dependable co worker physically attacks her boss Donna does Maeve fully understand that she is responsible. Not only that, but her suggestions have only brought about destructive results. However, it is too late. With each suggestion The Morrigan gets stronger, and because Maeve has proven such a worthy host to her powers, she decides to keep Maeve firmly under her influence.  


When Maeve realizes what her advice has done to her best friend, her co-worker and ultimately strangers as well, heedless of the Morrigan’s warnings, she sets out to correct her mistakes. But only chaos can be born from chaos and with each move Maeve makes she only succeeds in hurting her loved ones more, and driving them further away.  


Only when she is utterly alone, despairing, does Maeve turn to the Morrigan’s powers for their ultimate purpose: destruction. When she turns a group of sleazy men on each other in a bar parking lot, Maeve gives in to the dark forces that have been slowly taking over her world. This act gives the Morrigan her ultimate power, and frees her from the necessity of using Maeve to fulfill her violence.  


Ultimately Maeve must face what she has done, and take ownership of her actions, but also recognize that she is not responsible for everything other people say and do. She is allowed to take up space, to hold opinions that others don’t agree with, and there is not pre-existing mold that she must force herself to fit. The only way to bring down The Morrigan is for Maeve to own her own strengths, to be as self-assured in her convictions as this goddess is in hers.  


When The Morrigan goes on a rampage through Maeve’s hometown, she cannot be stopped by force. Maeve must face her, woman to woman-deity, and break her with force of will, not strength. While Maeve is complicit in the upheaval and destruction of the lives of her loved ones, ultimately she must come to grips with the knowledge that it is not all her fault. She does not hold the key to other people’s happiness.


Bullet Points of Investing

  • We are currently collecting letters of intent for 300 shares at $4,000/share, finances not due until April 15th.

    • 1 Share =​ Thank You Credit

    • 5 Shares = Special Thank You Credit

    • 15 Shares = Associate Producer Credit

    • 60 Shares = Executive Producer Credit

  • You're investing in three films, by diversifying the portfolio you're not putting all your eggs in one basket. ​

  • Investors receive first money back until they receive 105% of their investment at which point it becomes a 50/50 split between investors and the managing company.​

  • Pennsylvania state offers a 25% tax credit that will be traded and used as an initial payment to investors. Returning up to 25% of your investment before the films are in distribution.

  • Executive Summary, Film Memorandum and Term Sheet available upon request.

The Cast

In No Particular Order

Zachary Garred


Rachael Holoway


Ariel Barber


Devin Brooke


Zach Kanner


Rose Leisner


Nhut Le


Scott Getz


Miranda Skerman


Zach Kanner


Meet The Crew

Ariel Barber


Ryan Buckley


Christopher James Cramer


Andrew Pitts

(Sound Supervisor)

Julius Sean

(Assistant Director / Gaffer)

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