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an HONORable mention | A new independent film review blog

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I'm an indie guy... but I don't watch enough independent films and I'm talking about truly independent films. The indies that rely more on blood, sweat and a lot of tears to get off the ground than who you're connected to. I'm a firm believer in those films, so I'm creating this blog as an accountability system to personally support more independent art. If we all watched one indie film a week the market would shift to a whole new renaissance of independent art and hopefully close the gap between the ultra low budget indies and the $10mm+ indies. Just like our society today the middle class is shrinking and the middle class filmmaker is nearly nonexistent. Very few us are making projects between an ultra-low budget and studio level financing, especially when you compare the film industry in the US to films being produced in Australia and Europe.

I also know from experience that reviews and ratings are absolutely phenomenal tools for indie filmmakers in both marketing your current project, and getting future projects off the ground. Since I'm watching these movies anyway, I might as well actively support the filmmakers and give them something they can use.

Why does my opinion matter?

It really doesn't sine art is subjective, but I am active in the industry. I've been making my own projects for years, I started out as an actor, moved into stunt work, then writing, directing and cinematography. I'm about as well rounded as a filmmaker can be. I've produced shorts, a no-budget feature which paved the way to make an ULB feature that is paving the way to more projects and larger budgets... so you could say I'm coming up and since I'm coming up I want to use my voice. I'm also actively attending film festivals and on the board of the Discover Indie Film foundation run by Jeff Howard.

Grading on a scale | How not to be an asshat

If I attend a collegiate or community-theater play production I am not going to grade it on the same scale as a Broadway show. A "10" for a community theater production and a "10" on Broadway are two very different 10s. Generally I wont be a dick about any of my reviews and I believe that since I'm an indie-guy that I'll be able to see both the good and the bad in the films that I watch. I'll say what I think they're doing right and where I think they need to put some focus on their next production. Since right now I'm not charging for reviews, if I watch a film that I absolutely hate, I probably wont post a review. Being an asshole hiding behind a computer screen isn't going to benefit anyone and I look to provide constructive feedback as a core value in my reviews.


When I named my company "Honor" I didn't realize how it would instill in me a code of ethics because I don't want to change the definition of the word. Since I call my company Honor, I in turn find myself being more honorable and constantly reevaluating myself to be better. Since I'm active in the industry and know a ton of the filmmakers making these movies, I will disclose in the review who I know and likely will not review their individual contribution. This is both in effort to be honest/credible but also to avoid any awkwardness with colleagues.


Time to get started, reviews will post every Tuesday.

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