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(Sci-fi | Thriller | Horror | High-Concept | Feature Film)

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My excitement for this project is unlike that of my previous projects in that I feel this is a culmination of all of the tricks I have learned over my years in the industry. My previous projects were made to be proof that I can accomplish a task, this project is proof that I can push boundaries both cinematically in how we accomplish some of the shots, but also thematically in how we will warp perspective to gain emotional leverage. This film will be cerebral and visceral in a way that you will keep the audience glued to the  screen, because every item and line has a purpose and reason for its existence. 


Honor has been playing with doppelgangers for a long time, developing our technique and approach to filming these complicated setups over multiple projects since 2011. BROKEN will be a film of note for multiple reasons but one of those reasons will be in how we tackle the same character onscreen interacting with itself, utilizing blue/greenscreen, body doubles and match cutting in motion. 


Filmed in October of 2020 "Best to Share" utilized multiple techniques for filming doppelgangers including composite green screen and match cutting in motion. "Broken" will take these techniques to a new level as we would be using high-end motion control systems instead of a handheld system like we used in this short.

Best to Share - How it was filmed.jpg

THE DARKNESS WITHIN (an ongoing photoseries)


This series of images explores how writer/director Christopher James Cramer interprets depression and anxiety visually. The selected images while not doppelgangers do utilize composite photography in a style similar to what will be used in Broken and the Best-to-Share feature currently in-devlopment.

Both images feature actress Devin Brooke. The above image was runner-up in Adorama's international "Create no matter what" composite photography challenge.


My Closest Enemy (2019)

Filmed as part of a short film anthology series, "My Closest Enemy" utilized composite and motion matching to make actor Zach Kanner's shadow turn against him.


STAY (2017)

The beginning of our exploration of practical match cutting in motion to warp the audiences perspective. In the attached gif you can see how this technique was used to add a character and change outfits in a seamless transition.

STay - Easel Gif 480.gif

While this image is silly, this is Christopher's first exploration in composite photography. A self portrait exploring the fad of light shows in 2011.


We love talking about our projects in development so please reach out. In depth synopsis & script available upon request

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