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The short
(where it started)

"Best to share" was originally conceived as a one-off short film made during early covid as a spooky Halloween gift to our friends. However, we received so much positive feedback from the short that we expanded the world into a feature.

christopher james cramer
writer | Diretor

Christopher James Cramer HNR02480.jpg

vision statement


(The short version)

BEST TO SHARE will fit uniquely into the horror-comedy world though parallel "Cabin in the woods" in that tonally the characters themselves represent some lighthearted tropes but the situations are played out realistically with a level seriousness that adds real danger and suspense. Designed to shoot on an indie budget but packing in some serious scares, action and high-concept mind-fuckery.  


Honor, LLC wouldn't be where it is today without the help of some phenomenal individuals. We're a small company that is growing quickly and we strive to build our brand of cerebral film's and our community at the same time. This film was written to highlight three of our favorite and remarkably talented collaborators: Devin Brooke, Ariel Barber and Zach Kanner.

HNR06988 EDIT.jpg
Ariel Barber HNR06453.jpg

Devin Brooke

as Casey


Devin first took on the role of "Casey" in our short form version of "Best to Share" seen above. Additionally she has graced the screen in many of Honor's other productions, including our Flagship feature film "Stay" and our recent feature film "The Seance"

Ariel Barber

as Meadow


Ariel has been a collaborator with Honor for years, below she is seen starring alongside Devin Brooke in "Another Go" which was made as part of AGBO's "No sleep til' film fest" film competition. The film ranked in the top 10 our of 700 submissions.


Zach Kanner

as Kyle


Zach Kanner is also a collaborator for years with Honor was first seen in our flagship "no-budget" feature film "STAY"and merited "Best Actor in a Feature Film" from The Studio-City I.F.F.

We love talking about our projects in development so please reach out. In depth synopsis & script available upon request

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